Improve Your Hat Game.

Before we started Zephyr, we ran sporting goods stores. We know what it takes to deliver the best selection of hats to your customers.

Flexible Ways to Buy.

We make it easy for you to get the hats you need when you need them.

Design and sell your own custom hats, order our newest styles, or order any of the 3,000+ hats we have in stock for quick delivery. 

100% Customization.

Your store is unique. You shouldn't have to sell customers the same hats as everyone else.

You can order direct through our own world-class factories, which gives you the lowest minimums and best prices around. 

Get creative with the 100's of specialty fabrics we keep in stock. Our in-house team of artists can work with you to create original designs.

Great Displays Make Great Stores.

Nothing hurts sales more than a disorganized, messy hat wall. We can provide a wide range of custom signage, displays, and shelving options that fit your needs.